WHY Cleanse?

Does any of this interest you?

🙌  Healthy, glowing skin
🙌  Boosted Energy
🙌  Release of Toxins aka Extra Weight
🙌  Better Elimination
🙌  Detox Rituals & Resources
🙌  Fun Giveaways
🙌  Vibrant Community of Support

If you answered "YES" to at least 2 or more of these...than I invite you to join the Essential Wellness 30-Day Cleanse that begins September 25th and runs until October 25th. 

This 30-day cleanse is designed in 3 10-day phases: ACTIVATE, RESET, RENEW. 

Our modern world is full of stress + environmental toxicity. There are over 100,000 toxic chemicals around us and researchers estimate that the average person is carrying 700 known toxins in their body (due to cleaning/hygiene products, food, water and our air).

Your body does everything it can to bind + eliminate these toxins daily (through the colon, skin, kidneys + lungs) but it’s fighting a massive battle. Periodic cleansing gives your body the boost it needs - especially if you aren’t regularly fueling it with high energy, alkalizing foods + clean water. An efficient detox program will flush out impurities, boost body function, bring clarity of mind + free up Energy for proper healing.

As we turn into a new season, it's the perfect time to turn our attention inwards for a little check-in...

How have you been?
Is your body running optimally?
Are you likely to get sick in the coming season?
Are you ready for a full system reboot & reset? 

Everything we do is either giving our body energy or depleting it. 

During these 30-days, your body will be receiving nourishment at the deepest cellular level using the Cleanse & Restore kit by doTERRA.

We'll be focusing on using high quality supplements, whole & seasonal foods, detox rituals, essential oils and the 3 M's - meditation, mindful eating and movement to help optimize our bodies function and return to that peppy, vibrant self! 

Are you in? Download the free start guide here. 

It gives you EVERYTHING you need to get started...

Here is a little preview of what's inside:
- A Welcome Note from Yours Truly
- More on WHY we Cleanse
- How to get Started
- Overview of the Cleanse & Restore Kit
- Suggested Daily Rituals
- What to Expect + Intention Setting
- Phase 1-3 Protocols

Have Questions?
Simply email me at allieraewellness@gmail.com with anything that is on your mind! I'd love to know how I could support you in up-leveling your health. 

Big Love! Xx

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