5 Tips to Support you During Cold & Flu Season

Happy October! I can't believe we are already heading into the holiday season. Time has flown by this year. Do you agree?

During what can be one of the busiest times of the year, it is very easy for the immune system to get taxed and eventually fail us 🤧...resulting in colds, the flu and all sorts of respiratory infections. Who has time to get sick these days? Not me!! Especially with a baby on the way!

I'm actually oddly excited for all of this to come because I KNOW and BELIEVE in the power of essential oils 🌿 and how they've shown up in my life to support me. They are one of my greatest tools and "best kept secrets" for immune boosting power. That's why I am sharing with you today the top 5 tips to help support you during this busy time of year. Who has time to get sick?? Although...a good Netflix binge is always nice ðŸ˜‰

1. The infamous “Cold & Flu Bomb”

8 drops Frankincense 
8 drops Melaleuca 
8 drops On Guard
8 drops Lemon
8 drops Oregano 

Place drops in a 10ml roller ball (you can purchase on Amazon) and top with fractionated coconut oil for the ultimate immune bomb!


  • Roll on everyone's feet 2x per day 

  • Roll on adults neck 

  • Take 1 drop of each in a veggie cap if you desire 

2. Immune Boosting Diffuser Blends 

  • Diffuse 3 drops of Breathe (a respiratory blend that is pure magic) with 2 drops of Arborvitae to ease congestion at night

  • Diffuse On Guard (protective blend) in living spaces to kill germs and bacteria.

  • Another great diffuser blend:

"Immunity Simulator"
3 drops Lavender
2 drops Geranium 
1 drop Rosemary
1 drop Tea Tree

3. What about Sinus, Phlegm & Ears?

  • Roll Breathe around sinus areas and bottoms of feet to ease congestion. You can also roll some right over the chest and underneath the nose for ease of breathing

  • Place 2 drops of Lemon in water to help break up the phlegm 

  • Rub 1 drop Basil and 1 drop Melaleuca (Tea Tree) around the ears to help drain the fluid and eustachian tubes

4. Natural Sore Throat Spray

Get a 25ml glass spray bottle and mix:
5 drops Lemon
5 drops Melaleuca 

Top with Apple Cider Vinegar and use as necessary. 

5. Tummy Tamers & Cooling 

  • Roll DigestZen around the tummy to ease nausea and upset stomach

  • Rub/roll peppermint on the feet to help cool the temperature

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➕➕ PLUS take a look at these simple immune boosting diffuser blends!