Ritual for Offering and Receiving Nourishment

from jayakula.org

“Your body” is in nite. It does not end at your skin. When we enjoy healthy, nourishing food that is satisfying to the senses, all beings feel enjoyment. When we are nourished, all other beings are nourished. When we express the desire for the liberation of all beings, ourselves and all beings benefit. 

The correct orientation while performing this ritual is that you are Self offering to Self. Self offers nourishment to Self and then receives the offered food from Self. This is natural devotion expressed through the activities of everyday life. 


Before each meal, take a moment to offer your food, and the nourishment and enjoyment derived from your food, to all beings. First, when you are seated at the table, preparing to eat, take a moment to make contact with the food. 

See the beauty of what you are about to consume.
Smell the beauty arising from what you are about to consume.
Feel the heat or notice the tactile qualities of what you are about to consume.                          Hear any sounds associated with what you are about to consume.

Second, offer this nourishment to all beings by saying either aloud or mentally:

May this food nourish all beings.
May this food be enjoyed by all beings.
May all beings be free. 


The ritual of reciprocity expresses the natural devotion of Self to Self. This ritual attunes you to the movement of manifest life toward moksha and establishes you greater awareness of interbeing.