"Beautiful and Amazing Bhakti Teacher"

I am always a bit hesitant with younger teachers because I wonder what life experience they can bring - what life lessons can someone teach me who is almost twenty years older. Allie breaks that mold and has the wisdom of someone far beyond her years. She is definitely an old soul. You can feel her love and warmth when she teaches, and it’s an amazing experience. I have a few favorite teachers that in a short 75 minute class can remind me of the beauty in the world and how blessed we truly are. Allie is one of those special angels. If I see her on the schedule, I know that I am in for more than just a yoga class but rather a reconnection with my soul. And if you are really lucky, she will sing to you. She is one of the most authentic and loving teachers I have ever been lucky enough to encounter.”

— Jennifer O.


“Oh how I love thee”

I met Allie at Leap yoga just a few months ago. Since the first class I attended, she has been an encouraging, kind, sweet spirit. She is knowledgeable and informative, as well as light and real. I enjoy going to Allies class because I always feel I get a good workout as well as enough time in yin yoga to relax and reflect. At times it seems as if she knows exactly what I need. The room fills with a calm and gentle aura and I feel comfortable and safe. Over all, I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to attend her classes and get to know her. She treats all with kindness and makes you feel right at home. I would definitely recommend attending a class if of hers if you ever get the opportunity. :-)”

— Katie W.


"Lead by Demonstration”

Allie is a true testament to “Follow Your Passion and Success will Follow”. She knows what she loves and she makes a life out of it. Her passion for yoga, connection, health and wisdom all shine through in her classes. She teaches from her power center and as a result infuses her classes with the energy that will not only give you a great workout, but will leave you feeling the inner-connectedness between your body, mind and spirit. She is courageous and says YES to life’s opportunities, and I am incredibly inspired by the love she exudes into the community through her presence. What a gift she is. Namaste.

— Kaela M.


“Connected, Grounded and Inspiring Teacher!”

Allie has the ability to teach a physically challenging class while weaving in inspiration, space for reflection and a genuine nature that can’t be taught, and is completely felt in her presence.”

— Julia P.